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Well It's here and I'm truly excited! OLAPLEX is a hair treatment like no other. I'll tell you why! 


Olaplex bonds the hair, repairing the damage from heat, bleaches, colour, chemical straightening and more! 


By adding olaplex to your treatment you can significantly reduce and prevent hair breakage and frizz. Because of its bonding abilities olaplex allows us to go shades lighter without risking damage to your hair. OLAPLEX also seals your hair which helps to keep your colour strong for longer. 


Olaplex isn't just for chemical treatments. Olaplex is a must for anyone who suffers with dry and frizzy hair or if you want your hair to look in top condition.


my personal experiences with olaplex are great. I have taken clients from black to blonde.


I have also used it on a lady who's hair was weak and thinning. After the treatment my client checked the brushes and cried as she saw No hair loss. 


Olaplex can help you achieve longer healthier hair by reducing breakage.


if you would like this treatment please ask when booking your appointment with me. The treatment cost is just £20.



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